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Sciatica Andriod

The sciatica nerve is the largest nerve in your body and is a common source of chronic and debilitating pain. Pain associated with the sciatic nerve can often be felt in the lower back and down the leg. This application will show a 3D explanation of SCIATICA and will highlight one of the most frequent causes of this condition- PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME. It will also show common exercises and stretches that may help you alleviate your pain and improve your recovery.

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Daniel Crumback
Peter Mackay
David Keefe
Dr. Jason Block

Orientation Supported
Application is orientation supported. User can use the application according to his/her desired orientation like portrait or landscape. Application is automatically oriented according to the user view.
This section has the exercise videos which explains that how to recover from a condition. User can easily access these videos from the rehab sections in a very user friendly way. These videos give instruction visually and textually as well.
This Section has the details about the application that explains the main purpose of application. This sections explains conditions available in application in very detailed.

What exactly is Sciatica Relief?
Sciatica is a common pain in the lower extremity resulting from either chemical, thermal or mechanical irritation to the sciatic nerve.
Sciatica Relief provides an easy and understandable rehab section about these conditions.
What’s New
Sciatica Relief provides animated exercise videos in rehab section. You can easily access these videos and make understanding about the medical conditions. It provides the step by step instruction of exercise visually and textually.

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