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3DRX Insight

This application is a unique product including the best condition based 3D animation video library and the most complete rehab exercises tool available on the market.

Patients are educated about their specific condition and the required exercises for proper rehabilitation. This program is complete and so easy to use, it improves patients’ understanding.

Complete List of animations includes more than 300 animations, divided into 19 categories.

  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
Michael Voight
Daniel Crumback
Peter Mackay
David Keefe
Dr. Jason Block
Dr. Michael Cerami

All videos & exercises, included in this application are based on best chiropractic knowledge. Chiropractors all over the world, use these videos and exercises for their patients to give them awareness.

View Conditions Based on Area of Body
Find 3D animations of common conditions by selecting the area of the body. Hundreds of anatomically correct, 7 seconds to more than 2 minutes long animations educate patents quickly. Complete List contains 314 animations.
Huge Library of Rehab Exercises
Choose from the latest researched exercise and stretch images, or import your own images. It is easy to create your own protocols or choose from the pre-loaded protocols.
Secure Payment Method
Use your PayPal account to secure your payments.
Easy Installation
Installation is simple, just follow the guided wizard, and in a matter of minutes, 3DRX Insight will be installed on your computer.

Why 3DRX Insight?
3DRX is the best in the world when it comes to showing patients their conditions and recommending rehabilitation. When patients see the animations, they are not just impressed, they actually understand.
What’s New
3DRX Insight now has more animations, the ability to easily email reports, a full rehab section, and the ability to import your own images or video. WOW!

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