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Michael Voight
I have incorporated the use of 3DRX, both in the clinic and classroom and found it to be very user friendly and self explanatory. The use of animations in the education process saves me valuable time in explaining pathology to both patients and students. I consider this to be a valuable resource for learning.

Daniel Crumback
My name is Daniel Crumback, owner of Balance Point Atlantic. I’m sport physiotherapist, certified exercise physiologist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. I use 3DRX every day in my clinic. I use it to educate my patients and I found that educated patient is compliant patient. It has certainly improved my outcomes and I receive many comments back from my patients on their satisfaction.

Peter Mackay
I believe that patient education is the key to compliance; without compliance it is difficult for even the best doctors or therapists to obtain successful outcomes. 3DRX gives us the ultimate tool for customizing a patient's explanation of findings and establishing a treatment plan. The visualization of pathologies and the videos demonstrating pathomechanics give patients true insight into their problems and allow them to better understand our recommendations. This program is a home run and makes practice a lot easier.

David Keefe
I’ve been to a number of healthcare partitions over the last few years for my Lower Back condition and it was not until I found practitioner who used the 3DRX system to help me understand my condition. After I left the office, I received email to my Inbox and I was able to follow instructions and take a three dimensional look at my Lower Back and some other areas of my body and it helped me wrap my head around what was actually going on. I was also able to share with some other healthcare practitioners and even send it to some friends.

Dr. Jason Block
…It has been working really well for me in my office as a report of findings tool. Even more important to me, I do a lot of lectures out in the community and I have been using this as a demo during my lectures I’ve had several people come up to me afterwards and tell me how cool it is and sign up because my office was so cutting edge and high tech. It’s been great for us, so upgrade.

Dr. Michael Cerami
… I’ve had this product for I think 4 years now, it is absolutely outstanding, it does a great job with patient education, it creates still images with text, the program has never crashed, it is very reliable, and the guys that run the company are easily accessible. I can’t say enough about it. The images are cutting edge, they have new content every year, and it’s really an amazing product. I highly recommend that people make the investment in it because it will really take your practice to the next level

Dr. Ken Brough
I am Dr. Ken Brough. I practice in Ottawa chiropractor I test 3DRX for 4 years now and it is one of its sources I use daily now it’s been a wonderful out set to patient information to patient education we been able to give people idea what’s going on in a proper format much better than the oral spoke explanation, animations are great interface is very easy to use and rich also with informatics information of patient.

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