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About 3DRX LLC

The 3DRX team consists of world class animators and programmers, The animations are created using the same technology that produced many of the special effects in recent Hollywood blockbusters such as: Spiderman, Star Wars, Episode II, Attack of the Clones, The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers,The Fellowship of the Ring, Gladiator, and the list goes on. The level of complexity and attention paid to detail to make each animation is truly remarkable.

The human models and textures were created based on the measurements and study of actual cadavers at the University of Utah Medical Center. Our team of programmers takes what is complicated and makes it simple. Whether it is an Internet program or a desktop application, our programmers use the latest tools and programming languages to create masterpieces. We pride ourselves in being a creative, talented, solutions-based company. Our services, animations, programming and support teams are what make 3DRX success.

Mr. Justin Jackson
CTO 3DRX Development LLC

Justin Jackson has developed his niche as a 3D communications specialist.  In his last company, he spent 12 years of his career as the director of product development shaping 3D communication tools for companies like Freightliner, Nacco, Zimmer dental and Johnson and Johnson.  He directed a team of animators and programmers to produce the flagship dental communication tool which is now the number one seller for dentists.

In 2007 Justin started 3DRX Inc. and introduced the most comprehensive and high-tech report-of-finding tool for clinics to educate patients about the biomechanical relationships in the body,  common conditions and their associated rehabilitation options.   Justin met Travis McDonough in 2009, and after months of discussions partnered with him and has enjoyed every minute.

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