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More than 35 minutes of 3D animations now packed into a single DVD. The DVD loops automatically in your DVD player.

Enjoy the high-tech information. Patients keep on learning while waiting in the lobby. No need to be online, No need to have a computer, just play with any standard DVD player.

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Dr. Ken Brough
David Keefe
Dr. Michael Cerami
Daniel Crumback

All videos, packed in this DVD, are based on best chiropractic knowledge. Chiropractors all over the world, use these videos for their patients to give them awareness.

Best DVD Lobby Loop
You can use 3DRX DVDs even without a computer. Just put the DVD in your DVD player or drive on your computer and the DVD will automatically begin playing and loop to the beginning when finished.
Place Your DVD in the DVD Player to Play
Insert the DVD in any DVD player for automatic playback. Enjoy the 3D videos without downloading or installing anything
Secure Payment Method
Use your PayPal account to secure your payments.

Why 3D animations?
Patients are impressed and interested when it comes to our 3D animations of the human body. We use 3D to explain complicated conditions in an easy to understand way. Your office will feel high tech and professional.
What’s New
3DRX content is created by our own animators. This way we care always able to keep up with the latest and greatest explanations for patients.

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