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3DRX Comply

Like our other patient education products, 3DRX Comply uses the highest quality 3D animation library in the world depicting patient conditions. It also has rehabilitation associated with each condition. Use it to send a secure HTML report to patients allowing them to view the 3D animated videos, exercises & support items. Patients can also download and print a PDF report.

Michael Voight
Daniel Crumback
Peter Mackay
David Keefe
Dr. Jason Block
Dr. Michael Cerami

Description for Free Version
In the free version user is able to only view the two conditions from every joint, but all rehab and support will be displayed for the selected joint. Free user is not able to send report; also no sent report will be displayed to the free user.

Why 3drx Comply?
The same high quality animations from Hybrid Online and 3DRX Insight are now available on the iPad. 3DRX Comply iPad App enables you to take the patient care with you, where ever you go.
What’s New
3DRX Comply gives you all the power of the capturing and drawing tools that you have been using in Web application. Portability and ease of use are inherited to this new Apple iPad application.

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